Vince O'Billiath

City-elf Rogue


Now all alone….

p.My name is Vince O’Biliath. I grew up in a poor family. I was forced to steal from food stands in the marketplace to survive. I have been seen stealing a few times and force to run. My tall and small figure allowed me to run fast. I escape by climing to the roof tops and leaping from building to building. The guards could never catch me. In the city we never had enough. We always begged for a few extra bronze coins but everyone is selfish. When I was 17 my parents both died of disease comon to those who live a poor life, now I am all alone. After they died I decided that It was time to leave this city once and for all and go out to see all the sights to see in the world. Mabey if an adveturing group comes by my city they will allow me to join them. Plus who knows I might be able to join the Grey Wardens.

SWEET!!! I joined 3 adventures (a mage, a warrior, and a danish rouge elf whom kinda smells) When I convinced them to let me joined we got ambushed by the townsfolk whom along with them was that fat blacksmith whom I always hated. Latter when we neared a danish camp we found that some elves were attacked. Those same attackers attacked us. I almost died. If it were not for the aid of my fellow adventures I would not be here now….


I am age of 18. Short Black hair. 6’ 1" tall. about 120 lbs. All my life I have hated the rich and noble for while My family and I where down in the gutter with nothing but each other they live a happy life in their warm homes and rich foods.

Vince O'Billiath

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