Aestanna Moonbrooke

Dalish Elf-Rogue


From the forest…

Aestanna is a Dalish scout and hunter. During their travels, her clan found a dwarf caravan with all of the members slaughtered. The wounds on the fallen dwarves did not appear to be from a typical battle, and it does not look like any valuables or money was taken. Clan elders fear that the caravan might have been attacked by darkspawn, and are concerned for possible attacks on Dalish caravans.

Aestanna is usually quiet outside of her clan, but she can hold her own in human society because she has been taught Ferelden customs by her clan elders. She has encountered traders of all races, but has only met a few city elves, who were working as servants for a merchant. She has thorough knowledge of the wilderness, and has learned how to use herbs for rudimentary healing. She is independent and preferred to range ahead of her clan’s caravan, returning with food and news of the terrain ahead. Because of her temperament and skills, she was chosen by the elders to search Ferelden for news and clues, and to find some Grey Wardens if she can.

Aestanna Moonbrooke

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