Dark Journals

A Dalish Curse (Day 2)

Trouble continues…

After the party finally arrive to the village of Vintiver, they relax at the inn, after K’tarn (for reasons unknown) fires his bodyguard and carries the injured Dalish elf to the Inn. Inside, the Inn he meets up with Aestanna Moonbrooke (Aest for short), who is also a Dalish elf, and Ulric, who is a Ferelden warrior. After they help the unconscious elf by carrying her to a room in the second floor they introduce each other and decide to work together.

As night fell the group is met by an angry mob (30+ people) led by the blacksmith of the town, Coalan. They wanted to kill the Dalish elf for putting a “curse” on the village. After a really hard time and bad communication (almost leading to battle) they managed to convince the townspeople that they should spare the Dalish elf.

Finally, when the elf woke up she told them the history of what happened to the town and why she was unconscious at the barn where she was found. Her name is Eshara and the adventurers decided to help her in her quest. They decided to rest and set out in the morning.

What will happen?

Only the Maker knows…

A Dalish Curse
Story so far...

The beginning

K’tarn, a mage from the Circle of Mages, with his bodyguard Rothas Bladehold, were sent to investigate a village close to the Brecilian Fores in Eastern Ferelden. They had heard weird happenings in that area, which attracted the attention of K’tarn.

After hiring Rothas they set out to a village called Vintiver, but before arriving they passed through a farmhouse, where they saw a whole family butchered and their mangle bodies thrown across the land.

While investigating the bodies, K’tarn and Rothas Bladehold, were attacked by Blight Wolves, but after a fierce battle they managed to defeat the wolves. They continued to investigate the house, and while doing so inside the house Rothas noticed a word engraved on the wall in blood.

He recognized the name as an elvish name for a god: Mythallen, God of Revenge. Also inside the barn they found a passed out female Dalish Elf, which they decided to take with them to the village. They found no identity on her, just a broken silver bracelet.

Now, they set on toward Vintiver…

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