Ferelden Freeman


The Order Dictates…

An Initiate in the Chantry who aspires to join the Templar Order. Ulric has a strong sense of justice but lacks real-world experience and can be over-zealous at times.

Ulric was born on a small farmhold in the heart of the Bannorn in the years following the end of the Orlesian occupation. The youngest of a family with too many mouths to feed, Ulric was sent away as a boy to be raised by the Chantry.

He has neither seen nor spoken to his family since the day he left for the monastery.

Ulric grew under the watchful eye of the Chantry, with his days spent at study, and his nights filled with prayer. When he came of age, Ulric took the vows of an Initiate and began his martial training to one day join the Templar Order.

As he nears the end of his training, Ulric has been charged to undertake a pilgrimage across Ferelden. Eager to prove himself, but still unaccustomed to life outside the Chantry, Ulric has taken his sword in hand, and sets out to do the Maker’s will.


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