Dark Journals

A Dalish Curse

Story so far...

The beginning

K’tarn, a mage from the Circle of Mages, with his bodyguard Rothas Bladehold, were sent to investigate a village close to the Brecilian Fores in Eastern Ferelden. They had heard weird happenings in that area, which attracted the attention of K’tarn.

After hiring Rothas they set out to a village called Vintiver, but before arriving they passed through a farmhouse, where they saw a whole family butchered and their mangle bodies thrown across the land.

While investigating the bodies, K’tarn and Rothas Bladehold, were attacked by Blight Wolves, but after a fierce battle they managed to defeat the wolves. They continued to investigate the house, and while doing so inside the house Rothas noticed a word engraved on the wall in blood.

He recognized the name as an elvish name for a god: Mythallen, God of Revenge. Also inside the barn they found a passed out female Dalish Elf, which they decided to take with them to the village. They found no identity on her, just a broken silver bracelet.

Now, they set on toward Vintiver…


pnevius GhostDM

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